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Life Journals

Our desire is to help New Christians grow into all that God desires for them to be! One of the tools that we are using to do that are “Life Journals”. Part of the process of doing these daily journals is reading and praying for the Holy Spirit to speak to each person in that day’s scripture. They then write down what the Lord put on their heart for that day and how He is going to accomplish what He is calling them to do in the moments of each day. New believers are also encouraged to join a small group to begin their new life with Christ in accountability and encouragement.


Community Outreach

The Sow ministry is one of our compassion outreaches to our community. This is an outreach that seeks to help families with physical needs, food and clothes. We have partnered with up to ten churches in the community with this ministry to reach into larger needs that no church could handle alone. This has enabled us to fund our School’s “backpack food program” for the first years after its inception in Laurel. Teams from various churches work together for children in need of meals when the school lunch program ends. SOW picks up that need each summer with our mobile food trailer which brings meals to the children and families at locations in their neighborhood! SOW also helps at various church sponsored community outreach events.

Girl Guard

For girls K-6th grade

Girl Guard is our Wednesday night program for girls K-6th grade…with MightyMites for preschoolers and Jr. Staff opportunities for girls 7th grade and up. Our goal is to give girls, both churched and unchurched, the basics of what it means to be a Christian in their real-every-day life. Girl Guard is divided into three groups or classes: Pink for girls grades K-2; Purple for girls grades 3-4; and Blue for girls grades 5-6. Leaders tailor the lessons for their particular group and age of girls. The girls will learn the basics of Christianity and what it means to be saved, the reasons we go to church, what worship is and what the Bible is. Girls learn the stories and principles of the Old Testament and they learn about Jesus’ life, miracles, parables and teachings. They are presented with New Testament principles of Christian character, behavior, and commitment. Please feel welcomed to participate in our free dinner at 6:00pm; classes begin at 6:30pm.

Along with our weekly meetings, the girls do several activities each year with the Royal Rangers including a fossil hunt, campout, swimming, sleepover and the annual local and state Royal Ranger Pine Wood Derby races. Girl Guard ends with a camping trip in June known as the “Girls mountain adventure! Girls will camp, play games, and get ministry from a special guest brought in to help girls with issues they are facing today!

By incorporating crafts, activities, times of worship, group prayer, community service endeavors, practical lessons, and lots of love and fun, we hope to show and teach the girls that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a life devoted to His purpose and kingdom is the best and most exciting and fulfilling “life-choice” out there!


We meet weekly at Hardee’s

Men’s ministries at Family Church is really all about men growing together in Christ! We seek God together in prayer and in serving in community projects. We train up young men and boys to be what God has called them to be as men of God. Men work together on projects for the church and seek out God’s will for our lives together. We have fun together while 4 wheeling or camping, fishing, hiking, rafting, shooting, BBQing and eating. At Other times different men in the group will lead studies as we really try to “hammer out” what is going on in our lives by walking in “transparency” with each other. It is Worship, it is Prayer, it is helping each other. It is teaching, it is listening, it is sharing. It is keeping each other accountable before God, and being submitted to the Lord. It is in this search, in reaching towards this goal and in living for this purpose that we find Christ living and moving among us. Come and see what God might do in you as you commit your heart to God and to other men!

We meet weekly at Hardee’s on Wedensday from 6:30-8:00am for fellowship; and we meet together on Fridays at 11:30am for lunch and fellowship at the Laurel Golf club.

Projects and special events happen throughout the year whenever we are needed.

Come explore the kingdom of God with us!

Silver Crowns

Women 50+

Silver Crowns is for women ages 50+, the group meets weekly on Tuesdays from 11:30am -1:30pm . We currently meet at Our Savior’s Lutheran church located at 707 West 3rd Street.

Together, we enjoy a meal, a short devotion and sing a few hymns. It is our hope that those attending the group will discover and nurture new friendships as well as create an opportunity to serve one another and the community, both individually and as a group.

We have volunteers who drive, if anyone who needs a ride to attend Silver Crowns.


“Twenties and Thirties”

Welcome to our outreach to the 20’s and 30’s group! Steve and Anne Wodrich lead this group, giving great attention to what the group is interested in doing together… which can be a little crazy!

What is our focus?

We do life together! We always have food, and we most always have games, and our study times are always on relevant issues that our generation faces. We have “couples events” and “date nights”, “ladies nights”, and new adventures that we do together for fun! Singles and couples come hang out and fellowship once a month! Babysitting is almost always provided so we can have time together.

Royal Rangers

Boys, K - 12th

We meet every Wednesday during the school year starting at 6:30 pm. All boys ages K and up can find a place to learn of God and take part in the fun with the rest of the Rangers. In addition to the weekly meetings we have monthly outings to further grow together, culminated in the end of the year trip to Ranger Mountain. Mentoring future men!

You are invited to participate in our 6:00pm dinner; classes will begin at 6:30pm

Expedition Rangers (8th – 12th grades) meed on Monday nights at 6:30pm


Encourage, equip, empower, and get behind women

We hope to accomplish this goal through many different ministry “arms” led by many different women—Bible studies, fellowship gatherings, a food pantry, craft days, organized and specific outreaches to the community, prayer groups, ministry to the younger women and girls, ministry to our “silver crowns”, ministry to single moms, meals, rides, retreats, etc.  The leadership at Family Church aims to encourage, equip, empower, and get behind women throughout the church body as they find and step out to fulfill their unique and beautiful callings in Jesus Christ.  This is Women’s Ministry!

Real Youth

LIKE it, LOVE it, LIVE it!

Our mission as youth leaders is to encourage teenagers to engage in a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We emphasize the importance of prayer, worship, and solitude in the Word. We want to see a generation changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, a generation that is not afraid to reach the lost, and a generation that has a boldness to proclaim the gospel.

We meet at  Family Church upstairs in the sanctuary. We look forward to seeing you there on Wednesday nights (6:30pm -8:00pm-“ish”) and your are welcome to join other special events that we put on, even if it is your first time.


Thursdays, 1:00pm- 2:30pm

We have a weekly mid-day mid-week study lead by Pastor Tim Warner at the church where coffee and treats are always present! Pastor Tim leads our group through a “verse by verse” study of a book of the Bible. It all happens on Thursdays from 1:00pm – 2:30pm! Prayer, Bible study, Food, and fellowship!